Selfient Lite Paper:

Selfient introduces an innovative Web3 utility designed to simplify blockchain transactions for individuals, projects, or business deals that involve payments or contracts.


Welcome to Selfient, your gateway to seamless Web3 transactions, where payments and contracts become effortless for all, without the complexity of smart contract coding.

The Game-Changer:

At Selfient, we've revolutionized Web3 with our contract creation wizard, making smart contracts on the Polygon network accessible to everyone, regardless of coding skills. Whether you want to buy, sell, engage, or participate in various crypto-related activities, Selfient makes it a breeze. Selfient's contracts execute automatically once the agreed-upon terms or conditions are met.

Simplicity at Its Core:

"No coding required" is the heart of the Selfient utility protocol. In today's complex Web3 landscape, creating a smart contract often demands writing intricate Solidity code for deployment.
Here's where Selfient shines. We've streamlined the process by managing the underlying code that deploys contracts on the Polygon Network. All you need to do is define your terms, connect your crypto wallets, and execute the agreement.
It's swift, straightforward, secure, and immutable. Contracts are written on the Polygon Blockchain Network and settled on Ethereum. Selfient's user-friendly interface ensures payments occur precisely as stipulated in the contract terms.

Unlocking Financial Transactions:

Selfient accelerates access to blockchain-based financial transactions. With just a crypto wallet, anyone can effortlessly create contracts that operate on a decentralized protocol, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This protocol enables the seamless sending and receiving of funds between parties, ensuring safe and secure transactions. Our focus is on simplifying financial interactions and making Web3 more accessible to all.

Real-Life Benefits:

Imagine conducting transactions with lightning speed, lower fees, and the simplicity of creating and managing smart contracts without the need for coding expertise. Selfient empowers individuals and businesses to experience these benefits in their everyday financial interactions.

Practical Applications:

For instance, a freelancer could easily set up a smart contract with a client, specifying project deliverables and payment terms. Once the work or timeline of the agreement is completed, the payment is automatically released, eliminating payment delays and disputes. This is just one example of how Selfient simplifies real-world transactions.
Our platform not only enhances security and efficiency but also reduces costs and simplifies the Web3 experience for all users.
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