Contract Templates (Agreement Types):

Selfient empowers individuals, whether they are novice users or experienced developers, to create peer-to-peer smart contract agreements for various business deals or transactions. These agreements govern the release of funds without any intermediary involvement, ensuring prompt and swift payment upon meeting the specified terms and conditions. Easily craft and deploy your agreements on-chain in just a few minutes, with no coding skills required! Explore our different agreement types to find the perfect fit for your needs:

1. Linear Agreement:

A linear agreement is designed for scenarios where someone is paid a fixed amount regularly, such as per week or month. Funds can be claimed by the hired party as soon as the project begins, and they have the flexibility to withdraw funds as frequently as every 12 seconds if they prefer. It's worth noting that Linear Agreements can be paused at any time to add extra protections for the buying party.
How to utilize a Linear Agreement: For example, if you plan to hire a Discord moderator for a weekly payment of $1,000 USDC, this is the type of contract you should create for your agreement.

2. One-Time Agreement:

This agreement type is ideal for single tasks or projects, where funds are released immediately upon the completion of the required deliverables. It's suitable for situations where you do not anticipate any further collaboration with the hired individual after the project's conclusion.
How to utilize a One-Time Agreement: For instance, if you intend to hire someone to create a video or logo for your company and have no intention of pursuing additional work with them afterward, this type of contract is the most appropriate choice.

3. Milestone Agreement:

Milestone Agreements are best suited for large projects that involve multiple checkpoints and frequent deliverables. They provide a structured approach to project management and payment release.
How to utilize a Milestone Agreement: Suppose you need to hire someone to build a website for your company. In a Milestone Agreement, the initial deliverable might be the website design, followed by the construction of specific sections of the website, creating a systematic approach to project completion and payment distribution.