How Selfient Works:

This platform starts with the simple Smart Contract Creation Process.
Please note our UI is undergoing an update with an upgraded look and feel coming in February of 2024.

1. Connect Wallet & Sign In:

To create a contract, sign in with your Web3 cryptowallet. Simply click on "Connect Wallet" on the Selfient homepage and sign in.
Please note: Selfient is compatible with the following Crypto Wallets and Sign-In Methods:
Crypto Wallets and Sign-In Methods:
Click "Connect Wallet"
Choose Your Wallet

2. Create “New Agreement”

To create a contract, click on "New Agreement" in the left-hand sidebar of the screen. Once there, start filling in the details of the agreement (Project Information) including the parties involved in the contract (and their wallet address). Once this is complete, the contract will be finalized and funded.
Click "New Agreement"
Fill Out Contract Details & Project Information
Finalize Agreement

3. Sign & Send:

Share a contract link with the party responsible for accepting and signing it. Once completed, the contract is set in motion.
Click The Link to Copy & Send To The Other Party

4. SEA Activated:

Once the contract is accepted and signed, it is placed on the Polygon chain where the terms of the agreement and contract type dictate the rules of the release of funds.
Contracts Move to "In Progress" Once Both Parties Have Agreed & Signed & It Is Now Active