In Simpler Terms:

Selfient introduces an innovative Web3 utility designed to simplify blockchain transactions for individuals, projects, or business deals that involve payments or contracts.

Revolutionizing Business Deals with Smart Contracts:

In the era of Web 2.0, traditional business agreements often depended on tools like Docusign for electronic signatures and wire transfers for fund transfers...this can take days, add real dollar transaction fees and costs, and expose personally identifiable information
Then came Web3, and the way we navigate and conduct business on the internet underwent a transformation. No longer are we beholden to centralized authorities holding our sensitive personal data, and delaying the movement of funds. For the first time, internet users have taken control.
This newfound decentralization means complete control over your data, passwords, and financial information. It has opened up the online world to anyone, making businesses even more global. Instead of wiring specific amounts of funds to others, you can send them in an instant, without added bank and transfer fees or waiting for a centralized entity to release the funds. However, this ease of money transfer has also created opportunities for bad actors to enter the scene.
While removing intermediaries has streamlined processes, it has also removed a layer of trust and security. This is where Selfient steps in.

Empowering Trust and Efficiency with Smart Contracts:

We harness the power of smart contracts to secure your business deals. This involves encapsulating the terms and conditions (timeline, deliverables, currency) of your agreements into a smart contract. Once these conditions are met, the smart contract governs the release of funds, ensuring trust between parties and prompt fund disbursement. Say goodbye to lengthy invoice processes and waiting for your funds.
Traditionally, creating a smart contract required specific development knowledge and skills. With Selfient, you don't need to be a developer to use or create these smart contract agreements. We provide a 100% no-code solution.
Instead of grappling with complex coding languages, hiring someone to create smart contract agreements, or paying a firm to audit contracts for potential security issues or backdoors that could compromise locked funds in escrow, our protocol is fully audited already. You can rest easy, knowing that the contracts are secure and haven't been tampered with for someone's advantage.