Tech Stack:

Selfient's Technology Stack

1. Tech Landscape Snapshot:

  • Client: Harnessing the power of Next.js for a seamless user interface experience.
  • Server: Express.js orchestrates backend logic and API connectivity.
  • Packages Database: MongoDB maintains robust data storage and retrieval.
  • Tenderly & Terraform: Empowering Web3 development and scalable infrastructure management.
  • TSConfig: Enforcing TypeScript consistency across the codebase.
  • UI: React component library for rapid UI development.
  • Testing: Katalon for AI-powered regression testing, streamlining test automation processes.

2. Foundational Frameworks & Tools:

  • Next.js: Elevating client-side rendering for superior performance and SEO.
  • Express.js: Streamlining API development and backend operations.
  • MongoDB: Flexible, scalable, and reliable document-oriented database.
  • React: Fueling dynamic and reusable UI components.
  • Terraform & Vercel: Orchestrating infrastructure and ensuring reliable web hosting.
  • TypeScript & Yarn: Driving type-safe and efficient development workflows.
  • Katalon: Providing AI-powered regression testing capabilities, enabling faster test creation and scalability.

3. Developer Empowerment & Quality Assurance:

  • TypeScript: Enabling static type checking and code consistency.
  • ESLint & Prettier: Upholding coding standards and formatting practices.
  • Node.js: Supporting automation and external package integration.

4. Blockchain Integration and Cryptocurrency Management:

  • Polygon PoS:
    • Smart Contracts:
      • Utilizing Polygon's Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism for efficient transaction processing. This ensures high throughput and low transaction fees, optimizing the performance of the Selfient platform.
      • Utilizing Solidity for efficient transactions.
    • Transaction Efficiency: Leveraging Polygon PoS to enhance transaction speed and scalability, providing users with a seamless and responsive experience.
    • Ethereum Compatibility: Polygon's support for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility allows seamless integration of Ethereum-based assets, ensuring interoperability with the broader Ethereum ecosystem. By utilizing Polygon PoS, the Selfient platform benefits from improved transaction efficiency, scalability, and compatibility with Ethereum-based assets, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience and platform performance.
  • Cryptocurrency Usage: Employing wETH and USDC for stability and Ethereum compatibility.
  • Blockchain Security: Prioritizing data and transaction protection with native measures and wallets.
  • OpenZeppelin: Ensuring security with trusted decentralized application development tools.

5. Cloud Services and Infrastructure :

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Utilized for on-demand cloud computing platforms, providing scalable and reliable infrastructure to support our platform's operations and growth.

Future Considerations:

  • Layer 2 Solutions: We're exploring additional Layer 2 solutions to further enhance transaction scalability and cost-effectiveness for our users.


  • Our tech stack is carefully chosen to provide a robust, scalable, and secure foundation for the Selfient platform. With a focus on usability, efficiency, and innovation, we're committed to delivering an exceptional user experience while pioneering the future of decentralized systems.