Use Cases:

Explore the versatile contract agreement types available on the SEA Wizard platform, ranging from cost-effective project agreements to efficient project management and hassle-free payroll solutions.

Potential Use Cases:

1. Cost-Effective Project Agreements:

  • Facilitate project-based freelance agreements at a lower cost for all parties involved, in contrast to platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Some Examples:
    • Video Production
    • Copywriting Work
    • Graphic Design and Logo Creation

2. Streamlined Project Management:

  • Optimize project management processes by leveraging smart contracts, which can simplify Statements of Work (SOWs) into Milestone Smart Engagement Agreements (SEAs), outlining specific expectations and deliverables. This approach ensures project governance and authorizes automatic payouts under predefined terms and conditions.
  • Some Examples:
    • Smart Contract Auditing or Development
    • Website Design and Development Services
    • Consulting Services

3. Efficient Payroll Management:

  • Seamlessly handle weekly payroll through a simple Linear Agreement, functioning similar to traditional payroll processes but without the complexities associated with traditional payroll providers.
  • Some Examples:
    • Discord Moderation
    • Payroll for DAO Employees
    • Community Management

4. One-Time Deals:

  • The SEA Wizard simplifies one-time deals, providing a platform for individuals to establish agreements for specific tasks or purchases. This approach guarantees mutual satisfaction and ensures proper payouts upon the completion or delivery of the agreed-upon terms or items.
  • Some Examples:
    • Buying a Used Item
    • Commissioning Custom Artwork
    • Purchasing a Kitten